Zemax OpticStudio 15.5 Full PC License

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Zemax OpticStudio 15.5 Full PC License

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Zemax OpticStudio 15.5 Full PC License

Zemax OpticStudio 15.5
New features and optimization enhancements are as follows:
(1) 3D space mouse support: in the physical mode view to support the mouse 3D space and view the interrelated control;
(2) the user free to set the keyboard shortcut: the user can now change the access to the toolbar, analysis bar, edit the default keyboard shortcuts;
(3) to improve the editor performance: all the editors have faster editing browsing speed, especially for a lot of lines of the editor;
(9) PDF User's Guide: In the help area, you can access the PDF version of the OpticStudio User Guide by clicking the button;
(10) GetOperand DDE data item is more accurate: DDE data item GetOperand now reports extra decimal point space;
(11) XENC and XENF Operands Supported Wavelengths: XENC and XENF Optimized Operators now provide wavelength settings;
(12) MTF operand reports real and imaginary data: MTFA, MTFS, and MTFT optimization operands now report real and imaginary data;
(13) The near-axis Gaussian beam is multiplied by the M 2 : the near-axis Gaussian beam optimization operand that now accepts the M 2 input value;
(14) Part Design Function Finder: Function Finder Tool Special part design is now feasible;
(15) GBPZ optimization operand: add a new GBPZ optimization operand to calculate the Rayleigh distance of the near-axis Gaussian beam;
(16) Luminous Flux vs. Spectrum Support SDF File: Luminous Flux vs. Spectral Analysis now supports SDF light source files.
(17) Now for the holographic and diffraction system cutting edge modeling, OpticStudio 15.5 can close the interpolation to capture the essence of phase change.
(18) Any monochrome BMP or PNG in OpticStudio 15.5 can be used directly as the phase profile of a grid phase surface, making it easier to integrate high resolution holograms and phase masks in the system.
( 19 ) OpticStudio 15.5 supports a more realistic photoluminescence input model. Designers can define their own absorption spectra, excitation spectra, quantum yields, emission spectra and particle parameters.
( 20 ) OpticStudio 15.5 supports a variety of new surfaces that can be used for free-form surface optics designs, including Chebyshev surfaces. These surfaces, along with Zenic polynomials, general XY polynomials, NURB and Bezier curves, provide designers with a powerful free-form surface design tool.
At the same time, Zemax OpticStudio 15.5 Zemax on the performance and stability of an important enhancement, and repair part of the BUG:
(1) The scroll speed of the editor becomes faster
(2) Many analysis functions render faster
(3) Supports scaling of the scale of the output view
(4) help file has been improved
(5) some performance and stability improvements
(6) improved Zemax will provide the wrong width of the situation (when using the conversion file tool to convert the surface vector high data)
(7) When a CAD file is output, the light will be output along with the component
(Cool EQUA outputs the wrong data when CONF or BLNK is within the range of EQUA. This BUG has been resolved.
(9) When the light bar is on a face, the face of the face vector analysis is reversed and placed in the wrong position of the situation has been resolved.
(10) Regardless of how the apron method is, the light on the 3D output chart is changed by a light list file option.


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